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Tempe Production Process in RTI 

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How Many Times Do You Eat Tempe in a Week?

USSEC Indonesia in collaboration with Indonesian Tempe Forum (ITF), Indonesian Tempe and Tofu Cooperation of Bogor District (KOPTI Bogor), and Rumah Tempe Indonesia of Bogor has succesfully conducted a 3 days Training on Tempe Production Process on July 26-29, 2016.

As much as 11 participants; 8 participants from Thailand, and 3 participants from Vietnam. Participants consisted of various peaple such as 4 participants from catering and restaurant practitioners, 3 participants from lecturer, 2 participants from tofu and soyfood industry, 2 participants from trader companies, and 2 participants  from USSEC Thailand and Vietnam.

The objective of the training was to provide knowledge and information on the nutrition value of tempe, provide skill on how to produce tempe and product development of tempe. The training was designed in the interactive lecture session, practice work of tempe production procces session, and cooking practice.

The interactive lecture session consisted 4 topics. First topic about Tempe and Soyfood Market Overview by Dr. Dadi Maskar, then Nutrition and Health Benefit of Tempe by Prof. Made Astawan. The third topic about Product development and diversification of Tempe by Dr. Mien K. Mahmud, and the last topic is Economic Overview of Tempe Industry and basic Principles of Tempe Production Process by Muhammad Ridha.

The practical work session was held after interactive lecture session. Practical work session was held 2 days in the RTI production facilities. This session divided by two section; wet section process (raw material selection and preparation, cleaning, boiling, soaking, and peeling process) and dry section peocess (drying, inoculating, packaging, and fermentation).

The cooking practice was culinary session how to cook and to process tempe into Indonesian, Thai, and Vietnamese Style by Chef Shanty and Chef Ardi. The next day participants was visited to fresh market and tempe chips producer to determine process and marketing of tempe chips.

Each participant got one bag conducted Book and USB of Tempe Production Process, fresh tempe, 500 gr of Ragi (fermentation starter) to bring back home. They were encourages to try their own tempe production at home and share the result to the facilitators. The facilitators were committed to provide online support in the tempe prosucting process. There were positive feedbacks from the participant’s evaluation. They found the training is beneficial and increase their knowledge on how to process tempe.

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