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Tempe Production Process in RTI 

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How Many Times Do You Eat Tempe in a Week?

The Indonesian Tempe Forum (ITF) in collaboration with ADM Cares Indonesia, USSEC Indonesia, Indonesian Tempe and Tofu Cooperation of Bogor District (KOPTI Bogor), and Family Welfare Programme Association of Girimulya (Kelompok PKK Girimulya) has succesfully conducted Tempe Development & Nutrition Education Program in Bogor with theme "Food Safety & Good Hygienic Practices Training for Tempe and Tofu Producers" on 4 February 2017. This event was held at MI Nurul Hidayah Al Bisriyah, Girimulya village, Bogor.

This event was attended by 92 participants. The event began with judging the Tempe Culinary Innovation Competition by 3 person jury. The competition followed by 10 groups PKK and the mothers of the household in the Girimulya village. The participants were the selected into 3 groups as the champions.

The training was inagurated by Prof. Made Astawan as chairman of ITF and Mr. Ari as representative of ADM Cares Indonesia. The training continued with interactive lecture session which was presented by three speakers. Prof. Made Astawan as first speaker presented "Nutritions and Health of Tempe and the dangers of textile dyes in food". The second speaker was Dr. Dadi Maskar presented "Application of Good Hygienic Practices (GHP) in the Tempe Production". Then the last presentation about the RTI experience in production process tempe hygienic by Mr. Sukhaeri.

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