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How Many Times Do You Eat Tempe in a Week?

Tempe is an Indonesian traditional fermented soy food, widely known and consumed across generations. As a functional food, tempe has various nutritional and health benefits. Tempe is a good source of protein, vitamin B12, antioxidants, phytochemical and other bioactive substances. Numerous studies to date strongly indicate that soybean-based tempe offers positive nutritional and health benefits. Therefore, tempe has a great potential to be one of the solution for the nutrition problems among Indonesian population, especially those vulnerable groups, such as: children, pregnant and lactating women.

Nutrition education is an evidence-based, cost effective way to improve health outcomes and foster healthy eating habits for a lifetime. Nutrition education is not just learning about foods and nutrients, but learning what to do and how to act to improve nutrition. Nutrition education program targeted to school children must be designed to be in the simple method, easy to understand and must be carried out with a fun way for children. One of the method to educate school children is by story-telling and interactive games to convey nutrition and health messages on tempe and soyfood products. Education at the early stage during childhood has proven to be long lasting.

The Indonesian Tempe Forum (ITF) in collaboration with ADM Care Indonesia, USSEC, and Dongeng Ceria Management (DCM) has successfully conducted nutrition education program on the nutritional value and health benefit of tempe to the elementary school student at for SDIT Aliya Bogor in February 27, 2017. The theme of the program was "Nutritional value and health benefits of consuming tempe and others soyfood products”. The purpose of this educational program was to educate the children on nutrition and foster pride in children to consume tempe as traditional Indonesian food. This activity is one of a series of five educational activities are planned for the school children, with the number of participants in targeted 2,500 children.

The educational program delivered through the storytelling and interactive games performed by professional storytellers from Dongeng Ceria Management. As much as 718 students and 68 teachers were very interested to listening the story. The message is delivered smooth and easy to understand by using character in the story.  In between of the storytelling and interactive games Prof. Made Astawan, the ITF Chairman also gave the short brief about nutrition and benefit of tempe to the children.

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