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Indonesian Tempe Forum in collaboration with USSEC Indonesia, ADM Care Indonesia, and Dongeng Ceria Management has successfully conducted nutrition education program to the elementary school student and teacher in April, 2017. The theme of  program was Nutritional and Health Benefits of Tempe and Soyfood Products. This program has conducted at SD Dharma Karya Tanggerang Selatan in April 20, 2017 and SDIT Al Marjan in April 26, 2017. The purpose of program are to share about history of Tempe, nutitionals value of tempe, and health benefits of Tempe.

Nutritional education diveded by 2 section, were storytelling section for students and lecture section for teachers.  Storytelling session delivered by professional storytellers from DCM during 1 hour, the section designed with a fun method and easily understood. Then lecture section delivered by Prof. Made Astawan and Dr. Dadi Maskar. The purpose of lecture section is to share information about tempe to teachers ; so that teacher can return to the students and give encouragement to consume tempe.

Nutritional education were attended by 1.207 participants with detail: 750 students of SD Dharma Karya; 357 students of SDIT Al Marjan; 60 teachers of SD Dharma Karya; and 40 teachers of SDIT Al Marjan. Participants were very enthusias, it can be seen many question in the question and answer section. Participants were expected to dissemination about nutrition and health benefits of tempe and soyfood produts to people around.

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