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How Many Times Do You Eat Tempe in a Week?

USSEC - ITF International Tempe Seminar will discuss the nutritional and health standpoint, research in the past two decades have highlighted tempe and soybean’s role in maintaining optimal health and its potential in preventing and treating certain chronic diseases.

The beneficial effects of soybean on health can be attributed to both its high quality protein and nutrients profile including the presence of non-nutritive phenolic components such as isoflavones.  Continuing scientific research by both academe and industry scientists have led to wide spread interest and promotion of soy consumption in many parts of the world. From countries where soyfoods are consumed as part of the traditional dietary pattern to countries where soyfoods are consumed more as ingredients in processed food and beverages, it is important to understand the social cultural context impacting the dynamics of market demand.  Of equal importance is the need to communicate on the latest science and health benefits of soy to the opinion leaders and the increasingly discerning consumers.  

This USSEC-ITF International Tempe Seminar will bring together international experts and regional key stakeholders to:

  • Discuss the nutritional and health standpoint, research highlighted tempe and soybean’s role in maintaining optimal health.
  • Share research update and issues related to tempe, soy, and helath benefit from science.


  • Indonesian Tempe Forum (ITF) Committee members from all provinces in Indonesia,
  • Government Institution & NGO such as: National Board Members of Tempe & Tofu Producers Association (GAKOPTI/KOPTI), The Indonesian Nutrition Society (PERGIZI Pangan), The Indonesian Food Technologist Association (PATPI), The Indonesian Nutritionist Association (PERSAGI), Indonesian Soy Importers Association (AKINDO)
  • Government Officials, senior management personnel from procurement, R&D and marketing personnel from the soyfood industries.


  • Dr. Mark Messina, Nutrition Matters, USA
    Tempe & Soyfood as Superfood for Global Market
  • Dr. Sastia Putri, Osaka University
    Revealing Tempe's Excellence through Metabolomic Studies  
  • Prof. Antonius Suswantono
    The Benefits of Tempe as a Functional Food from the Aspect of Prebiotic and Probiotic
  • Prof. Made Astawan
    The Opportunities and Challenges of SMEs Tempe in Indonesia
  • Prof. Aman Wirakartakusumah
    Tempe as Indonesia's “Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH)” - Benefits, Challenges & Opportunities for the Tempe Industry
  • Mr. Rustono, King of Tempe Japan
    Tempe from Indonesia to Global Market: Experience in marketing Tempe in Japan & other Countries
  • Dr. Dadi Hidayat Maskar, USSEC Indonesia
    Collaborative effort to improve tempe industri in Indonesia
  • Mr. Stafanus Indrayana, PT Indofood Sukses Makmur
    Partnership with SMEs Tempe for Product Innovation & Market Development of Tempe
  • Mr. Amita Buissink, Mr. Tempeh
    Introducing New Method in Improving Tempe Production Process.

Limited for 150 Participant Only

Venue : Westin Hotel Bali, 6-7 July, 2018

Seminar Fee
Umum (mahasiswa, asosiasi, pemerintah)    :     Rp 250.000
Industri    :    Rp 500.000
Internasional     : US$ 350

Registration : Intan (085624939053) atau email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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