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How Many Times Do You Eat Tempe in a Week?

The Indonesian Tempe Forum (ITF) in collaboration with ADM Care Indonesia, USSEC, and Dongeng Ceria Management (DCM) has successfully conducted nutrition education program on the nutritional value and health benefit of tempe to the junior high school students and teachers at SMP Al Azhar Syifa Budi in March 15, 2017. The theme of the program was "Nutritional value and health benefits of consuming tempe and others soyfood products”. The purpose of this educational program was to educate the children and teacher on nutrition and foster pride in children to consume tempe as traditional Indonesian food.

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Tempe merupakan salah satu makanan tradisional dan warisan budaya bangsa Indonesia yang sangat populer. Kepopuleran tempe tersebut ditunjang oleh harganya yang relatif murah, rasanya enak, kandungan gizinya lengkap, memiliki potensi manfaat kesehatan, dan mudah diolah menjadi berbagai hidangan makanan. Dengan kepopuleran tersebut tempe berpotensi untuk diperkenalkan di kancah internasional.

Tempe is an Indonesian traditional fermented soy food, widely known and consumed across generations. As a functional food, tempe has various nutritional and health benefits. Tempe is a good source of protein, vitamin B12, antioxidants, phytochemical and other bioactive substances. Numerous studies to date strongly indicate that soybean-based tempe offers positive nutritional and health benefits. Therefore, tempe has a great potential to be one of the solution for the nutrition problems among Indonesian population, especially those vulnerable groups, such as: children, pregnant and lactating women.

The Indonesian Tempe Forum (ITF) in collaboration with ADM Cares Indonesia, USSEC Indonesia, Indonesian Tempe and Tofu Cooperation of Bogor District (KOPTI Bogor), and Family Welfare Programme Association of Girimulya (Kelompok PKK Girimulya) has succesfully conducted Tempe Development & Nutrition Education Program in Bogor with theme "Food Safety & Good Hygienic Practices Training for Tempe and Tofu Producers" on 4 February 2017. This event was held at MI Nurul Hidayah Al Bisriyah, Girimulya village, Bogor.

NATIONAL TEMPE DAY 2016, Bandar Lampung, 28 May 2016.

The Indonesian Tempe Forum (ITF) in collaboration with USSEC Indonesia, Food and Nutrition Society Indonesia (PERGIZI Pangan), Indonesian Food Technologist Association (PATPI), Indonesian Nutritionist Association (PERSAGI), and University of Lampung has successfully conducted a National Tempe Seminar at the Ballroom Horison Hotel Bandar Lampung on 28 May 2016. The event was a national level seminar organized in the occasion of National Tempe Day.

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