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Tempe Production Process in RTI 

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How Many Times Do You Eat Tempe in a Week?

Two Soybean Farmer Leaders from Minnesota, Mr. Gene Stoel & Mr. Keith Schrader, visited Bogor, Indonesia on August 25, 2014. The purpose of the trip was to visit Rumah Tempe Indonesia and to observe Tempe - Tofu market & production in Indonesia. It was also arranged a visit to traditional fresh market to observe the selling of tempe & tofu in the fresh market.

The visit to the traditional market showed that soyfood products are available in various formats such as  tempe, tofu, oncom, taucho and soy sauce. Soyfood products are the important component of Indonesian diet and play an essential role in providing nutrition for the Indonesian population.

A visit to regular tempe producer member of KOPTI Bogor was also arranged to observe the actual condition of tempe production in Indonesia. Mr. Sularno, tempe producer in Bogor who was visited is the generic type of tempe production situation in Indonesia. He produced tempe from 300 kg of soybean per day with 5 employers. The tempe production facilities and hygienic condition are need to be improved.  Mr. Stoel and Mr. Schrader can witness the importance of improving the food safety and hygiene condition in the tempe production process in Indonesia.

Last visit was to Rumah Tempe Indonesia (RTI), Bogor. RTI is the learning center for tempe production in Indonesia where tempe producers can observe and learn how to produce tempe in a proper way. The Minnesota Soybean Farmers provide significant contribution through USSEC program & activities in Indonesia including development of the RTI. USSEC is one of the important stakeholders at the RTI, who have been actively involving since the conception of the idea, building development process until now.

The visit to RTI & KOPTI was also provided the opportunity to meeting with ITF Chairman & KOPTI Bogor to discuss on the tempe and soyfood industry situation in Indonesia and to the seek the potential collaboration in the near future. Mr. Stoel and Mr. Schrader were also had opportunity to meeting with Mr. Johan and Mr. Tema representative from the Indonesian Poultry Farmers Association to discuss on the market situation of poultry industry in Indonesia.

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