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Tempe Production Process in RTI 

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On April 14, 2014, USSEC Indonesia in collaboration with the Indonesian Tempe Forum and Mercy Corps Indonesia has successfully conducted Good Hygienic Practices & Food Safety Training for Tempe and Tofu producers at the Tempe & Tofu production center KOPTI South Jakarta. The training was participated by 22 tempe producers and 6 tofu produces who are KOPTI Member of South Jakarta.

The objective of the training was to provide knowledge on the GHP Concept and its application in the production of tempe and tofu. Good Hygienic Practices (GHP) is one of important guidelines to be implemented by food industry.  The GHP describes how to produce tempe and tofu which are safe, have good quality, and not causing harm to those who consume the product.

Dady Maskar of USSEC Indonesia and Prof. Made Astawan, Cairman of the Indonesian Tempe Forum were facilitated the training using the module developed by ITF on Food Safety & GHP. Prof. Astawan, explaining Nutrition value of tempe & tofu and the opportunity for product development and diversification products as well as packaging method to improve the shelf life of tempe and tofu. Dady Maskar explained the concept of Good Hygienic Practices and the application in the tempe & tofu production process.  Good Hygienic Practice (GHP) is essential in food establishments including tempe & tofu production. It provides a minimum degree of safety.

The tempe and tofu production centers of KOPTI South Jakarta was built in 1996 and had recently renovated with the support from PT FKS Multi Agro, a soybean importer company. USSEC & ITF has involved since the beginning of the renovation process by providing advice in the production layout and design concept to comply with Food Safety, GHP and HACCP principles. After renovation, the production facilities and equipment are meeting the food safety requirement. The production equipment made from stainless steed food grade material and the production layout was designed to minimize the cross contamination chance in the production process.

When the equipment and facilities are meet the food safety requirement, the next challenge is to prepare the food handler; tofu and tempe producers. They need to be equipped with the sufficient knowledge on Food Safety and GHP. Next step is to develop SOP (Standard Operation Procedures) to be implemented in the production center. The biggest challenge is to change the attitude. Tempe and tofu producers have been producing tempe and tofu in the traditional method, it is difficult to change the attitude. That’s why continuous education training and assistance is needed.

It is important to provide continuous assistance in this production center until its ready with a proper system and SOP to implement GHP in the tempe and tofu production process.  Learning from the success story of the Rumah Tempe Indonesia in Bogor, USSEC & ITF will collaborate with Mercy Corps and other stakeholders to develop this tempe & tofu production center as another Center of Excellence for tofu and tempe production center.

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