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Tempe Production Process in RTI 

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KOPTI (Cooperative/Association of Tempe and Tofu Producers) branch Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta has been developed a Tempe Pilot Production house called Rumah Tempe Indonesia (RTI) Gunung Kidul. The facility is located in KOPTI Office Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta. The establishment of this facility was initiated and supported by Mercy Corps International Indonesia and the Indonesian Tempe Forum. They were inspired by KOPTI Bogor with its Rumah Tempe Indonesia (RTI) who serve as learning center for KOPTI members and other tempe producers in the surrounding area.

The development of Tempe Pilot Production House is one of good and strategic movement by the KOPTI team to improve the tempe production practices in the area. Similar with the majority of tempe producers in other area, poor food safety and poor hygiene practices are still occurred in the tempe production process. Learned from the success story of the RTI Bogor,  the existence of the similar facility is expected to inspire the tempe producers in Gunung Kidul and its surrounding area to improve their hygiene and food safety in the tempe production. In fact, training and education session has been implemented several times by KOPTI in collaboration with university as well as with local government. However the training and education activity alone is not sufficient to improve the condition. They need a tempe pilot production house as an example for KOPTI members and other tempe producers to learn how to produce tempe in a hygienic condition and  proper way. RTI Gunung Kidul is projected to be center of excellence as learning center for tempe production in accordance with the Good Hygienic Practices and Food Safety principles.

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