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Tempe Production Process in RTI 

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How Many Times Do You Eat Tempe in a Week?

The increase in soybean prices in recent weeks complaining of the craftsmen and tofu in Purworejo. Not only that, the cost of production also rose sharply after the price of firewood and participate yeast to rise.

Sa'diyah (43), one of the crafters tempe and tofu express, soybean prices rose from Rp 4800 per kilogram to $ 5800 per kilogram. "The increase has been particularly burden some for small craft such as ours," he said.

While the price of firewood rose from Rp 350 thousand per rit to Rp 400 thousand per rit. Similarly, yeast soybean prices rose from Rp7,000 to Rp 8,000. Craftsmen complain that rising production costs could not be offset by selling price increases of goods.

"We did not dare to raise the price of tofu and tempe as regular consumers can complain. Craftsman real dilemma with this condition," he said.

Most of the existing craftsmen who dared to raise the selling price. As Agung Nugroho (25) which raised the price of Rp 2,500 per tempe wrap to $ 2600 per pack.

"At first tricked by shrinking the size of the tempe. However, since the strategy was less successful, ultimately forced the sale price is raised," he said.

Other crafters, Rusminah (50) added, crafters can not use soy ingredients locally as poor quality. Soybean imports was chosen because large seeds and the resulting tempe preferred by consumers. "In contrast to the small size of local soybeans, if made​​, the quality of tempe is not good," she said.

The price increase is to make a profit he earned from selling tempe diminishing. Every day, about five pounds Rusminah make tempe. Now only have the advantage of not more than Rp 1,000 for every kilogram of tempe. ( Nur Kholiq / CN34 / JBSM )

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