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Tempe Production Process in RTI 

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How Many Times Do You Eat Tempe in a Week?

Tempe has a story about its development in long trip. It began from thousand years ago. This below, you can see the tempe trip which was carried by South China traders to Indonesia, until tempe that will get an international standard in the next day. The tempe trip started from,

  • In 1000: Soybean, raw material of tempe, go in to Indonesia by South China traders
  • In 1815: The word tempe found in Fiber Volume III, Centini called ‘jae santen tempe’ (a type of cooking tempe with coconut milk) and tempe ‘kadhele srundengan’
  • In 1895: HC Prinsen Geerligs identified mushroom tempe
  • In 1900: Dr. PA Boorsma wrote article tempe production process
  • In 1902: Vonderman wrote tempe from coconut and mixture of soybean and coconut
  • In 1905: Kendo Saito described the microorganism known as Rhizopus oligosporus
  • In 1912: Ryoji Nakazawa conducted research trip to Java and Sumatra to collect 33 samples tempe and oncom
  • In 1913:K Heyne published review literature, the beginning of tempe
  • In 1924: Jansen and Donath found levels of protein and vitamin B in tempe
  • In 1928: Nakazawa and Takada published ‘On The filamentous Fungi Used to Make Ontjom and Tempeh in the South Pacific’
  • In 1931 :: Ochse described the process of making tempe in Vegetables of Dutch East Indies
  • In 1935: H. Burkit tempe published information on A Dictionary of the Economic Products of the Malay Peninsula
  • In 1940-1959: Tempe as an essential nutrient intake for prisoners of World War II that saved them from dysentery
  • In 1946: Tempe is produced in the Netherlands by married couples under ENTI
  • In 1954: Dr. Paul Gyorgy researched tempe at Pennsylvania University and in 1961 published the Nutritive Value of Tempe
  • In 1955: Autret and van Veen published tempe as a good nutrient-rich foods for infants and children
  • In 1958: Yap Hwa Bwee began research on tempe at Cornell University, USA
  • In 1959: Standing ES Lembekker tempe company and still operating as the oldest tempe producers in the Netherlands
  • In 1960: Research on tempe are also conducted at the USDA Northern Regional Research Center, United States
  • In 1962-1965: Steinkraus published three important papers about tempe business in the U.S.
  • In 1961: Mary-Otten started the tempe store ​​in Albania, and in 1967 opened the Java Restaurant which serves tempe menu
  • In 1962: Van Veen became professor of Cornell for International Nutrition and published 7 papers tempe about until 1970
  • In 1962: Tempe store was opened in Los Angeles , Runnels Food, followed by New Shop (1969) and Bali Food (1975)
  • In 1963: Hesseltine published study about tempe: Investigations of Tempeh, an Indonesian Food

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Source : SNI Valuasi Magazine

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