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Tempe Production Process in RTI 

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How Many Times Do You Eat Tempe in a Week?

The next tempe trip is started from Martinelli and Hesseltine trip in USA in developing new incubation method of tempe which is wrapped with plastic in 1964. Then, the next trips are :

  • In 1969: In Holland was founded Tempe Productions Inc, Tempe's largest company by Robbert van Dappern
  • In 1971: Sastoamijoyo, the first Indonesian proposed tempe as a solution to world food crisis
  • In 1974: Started ASEAN Protein Project to provide stimulation of tempe publication
  • In 1974: In U.S. Tennessee, Cynthia Bates made tempe from remaining pulp of soy milk and wrote “Farm Vegetarian Cookbook”
  • In 1976: Survey tempe industry in Indonesia in detail and comprehensively that is published by Winarno
  • In 1979: Goan Loo Thio lived 3 months in Zambia and taught tempe production process in Sri Lanka
  • In 1979: KOPTI was founded, cooperative whose members businessman tempe
  • In 1979: Harper & Row published the Book of Tempeh by William Shurtleff and Akiko Aoyagi
  • In 1979: Established tempe companies named The Tempeh Works in California by Michael Cohen
  • In 1980: Tempe center was founded for study in the Department of Botany and Microbiology at the University College of Wales, UK
  • In 1981: There were four tempe producers in Australia, founded by young people who were interested in diet and natural food sources
  • In 1981: In Taiwan, Dr. Steven Chen wrote two books, Handbook of Soy Foods and Soy Oil and Soy Foods, tempeh in it was called the tian-bie
  • In 1982: Sixteen tempe store operating in Europe: The Netherlands (7), Austria (3), British (2), Germany (2), Belgium (1) and France (1)
  • In 1983: Steinkraus published Handbook of Indigenous Fermented Food, which contains 94 pages of tempe information
  • In 1983:It was estimate, 56 tempe producers reached 900 tons of soybean production in the U.S. with number of employees 200 people
  • In 1983: Torigoe produced tempe in Fukuoka with a capacity of 15 tons per week
  • In 1983: Japan Natto Association sent three people to Indonesia to learn about tempe, and in 1984 Natto produced tempe
  • In 1983 : Marukin Foods (Japan) launched tempe in a brand “Sunseed” and production nearly 1 ton per month
  • In 1983: Noted KOPTI reached 28 000 members which was consist of tempe and tofu entrepreneurs
  • In 1984: Marusan-Ai produced tempe reached 30 tons per month and become the world's largest tempe producer
  • In 1984: Japan established Tempe Research Society in Tokyo that provide a forum for investigation, discussion and promotion of tempe
  • In 1984: In Canada, there were 5 tempe producers with production reached 500 pounds per week
  • In 1984: Publishers Book Publishing Co. published The Tempeh Cookbook written by Dorothy R. Bates

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Source : SNI Valuasi Magazine

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