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Tempe Production Process in RTI 

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How Many Times Do You Eat Tempe in a Week?

The city officer of Blitar take seriously in giving facilities to increase the welfare of society. The actual fact is giving a grant to tempe producers in Blitar city for improving the production capacity at the end of May 2013, one month ago. This statement was given by Hermansyah Permadi, the Head of Industry and Trade of Blitar (ITB).

The mayor also said, the grant that was given by city officer is a follow up of the implementation of training making tempe in the middle of March 2013 ago. There were 30 people of Pakundan village who received grant such as equipment of tempe making; hulling machine, boiler with capacity 50 kg, fire wood, and soybeans as raw material amount 40 kg. The grant was given symbolically by the mayor of Blitar.

The Head of Trade and Industry of Blitar also explained, the target of grant receiver is the tempe producer who have small capacity in production. He hoped the tempe producers can increase their production capacity through the grant and training which they had got.

In addition to increase the quantity of capacity, tempe producers are also expected can increase their production quality. If the tempe producers decrease the quality when increase the capacity on the same time, it would be result in loss to their production. Because, the impact of loss that have their own responsibility.

This kind of activity like giving grant and training,the head of Industry and trade office will arrange planning in the future. The reason is there still more tempe producers in Pakunden village, a village center of tempe and tofu producers, which still need many local goverment facility.

Based on existing data, the number of tempe producers in Blitar overall was recored 150 people. Not all tempe producers have modern equipment, but still there is using manual equipment to increase production capacity to meet the needs of Blitar society, the head of Industry and trade officer explained.


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