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Tempe Production Process in RTI 

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How Many Times Do You Eat Tempe in a Week?

Tempe is one of the traditional food of the nation's cultural heritage which is very popular in Indonesian society. Tempe has been consumed for over 2000 years. Popularity tempe is supported by the relatively cheap price, good taste, high nutritional content, has a medical potential, benefit to health, and easily processed into various food dishes. Today, Tempe is known not only domestically, but also in foreign countries. It is ironic to some results of studies on tempe actually patented by foreign parties.

Forum Tempe Indonesia (The Indonesian Tempe Forum) or FTI was created to facilitate thinking and innovation development from experts, practitioners and those who care about the advantages and potential of tempe. FTI is independent, and assumed the vision to develop tempe to improve the welfare of the community. FTI activities include the collection and dissemination of information to create breakthrough innovation or development of soybean and its derivatives in the future.

This forum aims to:

  • Promote tempe as a product of cultural heritage of Indonesia for more acceptable both nationally and internationally.
  • Collecting and disemination all the information and research results about tempe.
  • Providing education to the community of Tempe and expand its market development through the application of research and training.
  • Facilitate an open forum for individuals who have the attention of the tempe for sharing experiences and expertise.

Short-term programs:

  • Documenting the research that has been done related to the tempe.
  • Develop a website.
  • Initiating the development of Product Standards Tempe.
  • Assisting in the development of business for the craftsmen tempe.
  • Conducting educational programs for the community through seminars, tempe culinary demo or other activities.
  • Initiating contacts and cooperation with similar forums in other countries and at international level.
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